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    Jon Silver, Director and Founder

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Migrant Media on a mini-documentary focused on the inspirational stories of the young mothers we serve. Jon was wonderful to work with and went above and beyond to ensure a high quality product! His creativity and passion led to an amazing film that we will use for years to come."
– Karin Kelley-Torregroza, Executive Director, Teen Success, Inc.

A Sampling of Jon's Projects

Teen Success Inc.

21st Century Learning Environments

Changing from the Inside: Voices of Children of Incarcerated Parents

A Place to Call my Own: From Life on the Streets to the Safety of a Home

Technología y lo estándares comunes de educación: Dispositivos moviles para todos los estudiantes (Technology and the Common Core: Mobile Devices for All Students)

Social and Emotional Learning: Building Classroom and School Communities – New Teacher Center

Welcome to Kindergarten PSA – Live Oak School District

Student Montage: Stand by Me

Watsonville on Strike

Model Technology Classrooms: 21st Century Learning